Forum für Fotografie 13.05. – 24.06.2023

Uwe Steinberg: MITTENDRIN


Concerned Photography 1963 bis 1983

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The well-known photographers of the former GDR, such as Sibylle Bergemann, Harald Hauswald and Evelyn Richter, are known through numerous exhibitions and book publications. However, the work of Uwe Steinberg, who died at an early age, has remained undiscovered until now. The Forum für Fotografie is showing a comprehensive exhibition of the photographer's work. Klaus Honnef notes: "To apostrophize the photographer Uwe Steinberg as a chronicler is inadequate to the extent that the term seems to neglect the special aesthetic qualities of his images."

Steinberg Uwe

Event Location

Forum für Fotografie
Schönhauser Str. 8
50968 Köln

Duration and Admission

13.05. – 24.06.2023

Vernissage and Special Events

13.05.2023 16:00

Book presentation and reading
24.05.2023 18:00
Hans-Michael Koetzle Let's talk about photography Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2023 - As an author and curator, the photo historian Hans-Michael Koetzle draws on from countless personal encounters and extensive conversations with the with the greats of photography. In dialogue with Norbert Moos, an astonishing treasure trove of knowledge about the background of photography.

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Thu+Fr 2–6 p.m.
Sat 12–6 p.m.


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  •  Durch uralte Schächte geht es hinab in das Innere des Lavastromes © Marc Hillesheim, Olaf Kaul


    Eine Reise in das Innere des Lavastromes

    13.05. – 21.05.2023

  • © Uwe Steinberg

    Uwe Steinberg: MITTENDRIN

    Concerned Photography 1963 bis 1983

    Forum für Fotografie
    13.05. – 24.06.2023

  •  sitting in a room selfie,  30 x 40 cm, 2023 © Freya Hattenberger, VG Bild-Kunst


    13.05. – 21.05.2023

  •  dcode 1310114 © HP Schaefer

    Deciphering Photography

    Galerie r8m
    21.04. – 21.05.2023