Ebertplatz Außeninstallation 07.05. – 24.05.2023

'Check your habitus'


Sommerblut Kulturfestival

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For the first time, the festivals Internationale Photoscene Köln and Sommerblut Kulturfestival are collaborating on a temporary outdoor installation on Ebertplatz. The intervention, entitled 'Check your habitus', is a cooperation project between Sommerblut and Running Water and is part of the exhibition 'The Loneliness One Dare not Sound', curated by Donja Nasseri at the invitation of Photoscene for four art spaces on Ebertplatz - Gold+Beton, Mouches Volantes, Gemeinde Köln, LABOR. Check your habitus' is a poetic self-questioning and addresses a learned social grammar deeply inscribed in our attitudes. Check your habitus' brings together the statements of 18 authors on internalised parental beliefs, the associated invisible heritage, feelings of belonging and the shift between social worlds. The project was initiated by Daniela Dröscher.

Aseva Elisa
Biskin Nadire
Böttcher Jan
Demir George
Derbyshire Katy
Findeis Patrick
Geißler Heike
Güngör Dilek
Inokai Yael
Kegele Nadine
Mädler Peggy
Moradpour Mehdi
Özdoğan Selim
Paschen Maruan
Savic Caca
Schapiro Anna
Taha Karosh
Varatharajah Senthuran

Event Location

Ebertplatz Außeninstallation
50668 Köln


Duration and Admission

07.05. – 24.05.2023

Vernissage and Special Events

07.05.2023 18:00

07.05.2023 18:00
Opening: Check your habitus

Opening hours

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    'Check your habitus'

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