Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst Köln 12.05. – 17.09.2023

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Naoya Hatakeyama

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Historical photographs of Japan’s sights from the Meiji period (1868–1912) inspire the photographer Naoya Hatakeyama to visit those places and examine them anew. In a playful juxtaposition of photographic archive material and his own shots of those sites, he traces the temporal aspect that is located between the tourist views of the past and the landscape of today.

Hatakeyama Naoya

More about the artist's Residency
Naoya Hatakeyama Meets Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst

Event Location

Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst Köln
Universitätsstr. 100
50674 Köln


Duration and Admission

12.05. – 17.09.2023

Vernissage and Special Events

Film presentation
10.05.2023 18:30
Film presentation 'Tracing the Future: Photographer Naoya Hatakeyama' and artist talk with Katja Stuke und Oliver Sieber at Japanisches Kulturinstitut

Spot On: Naoya Hatakeyama
12.05.2023 15:00
Exhibition tour with artist in presence

21.05.2023 12:00
Mitmach-Führung des Museumsdienstes mit Carmen Pérez González

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    Night Pieces

    Büro Gestalten
    12.05. – 21.05.2023

  •  Egelspfad © Reinhard Matz

    Draußen im Westen muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein.

    Die Kölner Siedlung am Egelspfad

    14.05. – 11.06.2023

  •  Isola di Montecristo, Arcipelago Toscano © Corinna del Bianco


    Italienisches Kulturinstitut
    01.04. – 02.06.2023

  •  Venloer Straße/Ehrenfeld, 1909 (Fotograf:in unbekannt, gemeinfrei)

    Historische Fotografien
    12.05. – 21.05.2023