Artist Meets Archive #3

4 Artists in 4 Archives of the City

For the third time, the International Photoscene Cologne is organising the Artist Meets Archive programme together with four Cologne institutions. As a result, Lebohang Kganye, Naoya Hatakeyama, Pablo Lerma and Lilly Lulay are now showing their exhibitions at the festival!FestivalArtist Meets Archive
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Pablo Lerma besucht das NS-Dokumentationszentrum, 2022 © Silviu Guiman
Pablo Lerma besucht das NS-Dokumentationszentrum, 2022 © Silviu Guiman

In this year's edition of the International Photoszene Cologne's Artist Meets Archive programme, the four participating artists embark on an exciting search for traces in the photographic, based on the photo-historical material they worked with during their respective residencies at the NS-Dokumentationszentrum, the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, the Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst and the Rheinisches Bildarchiv.

What all positions have in common is the examination of the different varieties of visibility that come into play in the medium of photography. It ranges from a female perspective (#femalegaze) on colonial contexts to the tourist gaze (#touristgaze), which becomes entrenched in collective pictorial memory. She explores the relationship between the artificial vision (#algorithmicgaze) of an image recognition programme and human vision. And finally, it also points out how the gaze of power (#gazeofpower) ensures what remains hidden in photographs and the archives that house them.

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Event: Research Meets Archive

In view of the four exhibitions of the Artist Meets Archive artists, a symposium will take place on 13 May that is intended to stimulate further discussion at the interfaces of artistic practice and academic theory formation. Under the title Research Meets Artist, the Artist Meets Archive artists will meet in four open dialogues with academic positions that approach the subject of their artistic work.

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Artist Meets Archive Ausstellungen & Veranstaltungen auf dem Photoszene-Festival
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    Artist Meets Archive 01

    Yokohama Souvenirs

    Naoya Hatakeyama

    Museum für Ostasiatische Kunst Köln
    12.05. – 17.09.2023

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    Artist Meets Archive 02

    The Opening. an institution, a depot, the boxes

    Pablo Lerma

    NS-Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Köln
    12.05. – 18.06.2023

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    Artist Meets Archive 03


    Lilly Lulay

    Rheinisches Bildarchiv zu Gast in der Handwerkskammer zu Köln
    12.05. – 11.06.2023

  • Artist Meets Archive 04

    Shall you Return Everything, but the Burden

    Lebohang Kganye

    12.05. – 05.10.2023

  • Artist Meets Archive

    Dates & Special Events

    Artist Meets Archive

    Artist Meets Archive Museen
    10.05. – 21.05.2023

  • Artist Meets Archive

    Research Meets Artist

    Dialogue Symposium on the Third Edition of Artist Meets Archive

    Rheinisches Bildarchiv im Historischen Archiv

  • Artist Meets Archive

    International Museum Day 21th May 2023

    Artist Meets Archive

    Artist Meets Archive Museen