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Maria Teresa Salvati lives in Bari (Puglia) is a director, writer, lecturer, personal branding consultant and independent curator. She is the founder and director of Everything is Connected, a trans-disciplinary platform that aims at connecting different areas of research and experiments with new ways to involve and engage the public at large, learning through the results of experimentation and providing the community with new paradigms for communicating the environmental crisis. Maria Teresa Salvati is also a special lecturer at the University of the Arts London, within the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, teaching a course called “Visualizing the Environmental Emergency.” Her topics focus mainly on environmental, political and cultural issues. She is particularly interested in photographic projects that have the ambition to talk about social issues with a personal gaze that is the reflection of a personal and creative consciousness translated in credible and authentic stories. In her dedicated column in C41 Magazine, she presents photographers seen through their intimate and personal motivation, their Spot of Beauty.

Languages: Italian, English

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