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Chargesheimer Reloaded

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Photoszene, The PhotoBookMuseum, Galerie Lichtblick and Pixum invited all Cologne residents to send them their entirely personal view of their city. There was one condition: The photos (in homage to "Köln 5 Uhr 30" by Cologne-based photographer Chargesheimer) had to be taken in the morning at around 5.30 – so when the sun is slowly rising, but the city is still asleep. A jury, consisting of Markus Schaden, Wolfgang Zurborn, Tina Schelhorn and Damian Zimmermann, chose the best 111 photographs out of 650 submissions. They are presented as a slide show at The PhotoBookMuseum.

As a second step a book has now also been published at our partner Pixum. Please place your order by sending an email to:


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