Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum 13.05. – 14.05.2023

Portfolio Review Sichtbar

In cooperation with Thousandfold Photobook Fair

This year's Portfolio Review SICHTBAR as part of the Photoszene Festival is a combination of booked one-on-one talks with an expert of your choice and a Portfolio Walk.FestivalPhotoszene-SpecialsTalk & Discussion
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Wieder hat die SICHTBAR zwei Preise verliehen, AND THE WINNERS ARE:

Registration extension until May 11!

Reserve your spot for the reviewer of your choice, via the button "Registration and booking".

Become SICHTBAR X Thousandfold Photobook Fair and purchase a day of visibility at the festival center of the Photoszene Festival in the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum.

You buy yourself a 30-minute date with a reviewer of your choice and your presentation table for the whole day, where you can present yourself and your work not only to the reviewer, but also to the visitors of the Photoszene Festival, as well as the professionals we invited for you in the Walk & Talk - right in the middle of the festival center. The Walk & Talk is new to the SICHTBAR program this year and takes place throughout the day, alongside your 30-minute date.

There are also great prizes to be won: The reviewers and experts of the Walk&Talk all have a vote to get you on the shortlist. The work of the shortlisted photographers will be presented as a screening at the festival center for 5 days.
There are two more prizes: The Photoszene will again select a participant of the SICHTBAR, who will get the chance to feature their own work on the Photoszene Instagram account for one month. You can also win a spot at the next Thousandfold Photobook Fair.

The portfolio review is aimed at photographers and visual media artists who have graduated or are currently studying in this field, or who can demonstrate several years of practical experience. A festival brings together many players in the photography scene and visitors in one place. We look forward to you becoming part of it!

Registration and booking

Der Fotobuchmarkt Thousandfold Photobook Fair, mit seinen zwei Juror:innen Yana Kruse und Calin Kruse, verleiht den Preis der Kategorie Buchpräsentation an: Jan Stradtmann. Er darf seine Bücher an einem Stand auf dem nächsten Thousandfold Photobook Fair präsentieren.

Portfolio Review SICHTBAR X Thousandfold Photobook Fair

Favorites 2023

Portfolio Review SICHTBAR X Thousandfold Photobook Fair
Favorites 2023

Beim Portfolio Review SICHTBAR, das dieses Jahr mit dem Fotobuchmarkt Thousandfold Photobook Fair kooperierte, konnten Fotograrf:innen an einer spannenden Kombination aus Expert:innengesprächen und Portfolio-Walk teilnehmen. Die Reviewer:innen und geladenen Expert:innen im Walk&Talk haben aus allen Teilnehmenden ihre Favoriten für eine Shortlist ausgewählt. Wir gratulieren allen Nominierten, deren Arbeiten ab heute in einer Projektion im Festivalzentrum und auf dem Video unten auf der Seite zu sehen sind: Eike Hefe, Jan Stradtmann, Katrin Greiner, Oliver Leu, Sebastian Cramer und Stefan Schilling.

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For a participation fee of 80€ you get:

Your presentation
A table in the festival centre of the Photoszene Festival in the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum, where you present your work on one day from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

A review
A 1:1 conversation of 30 minutes with a reviewer of your choice.

Walk and Talk - 5 Experts
further talks with five photo experts who we invite from the photo scene to review at the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum.

Further networking
the opportunity to network with other international photo book publishers at the Thousandfold Photobook Fair.

Copyrights are important to us at Photoszene: All rights remain with the photographers. Your presented works at the Portfolio Review SICHTBAR 2023 may be selected for a competition and presented in connection with this for artistic presentations or screenings in cooperation with you. As the author, you agree that selected images will only be used in the context of the photo scene for publications on social media - with details of your credits, of course. Because we want you to become VISIBLE. Photoscene is not entitled to further use beyond the period of the Photoscene Festival without further agreement.

Reviewers: Publishers // Curators // Photo festival directors // Photo book experts

Event Location

Cäcilienstr. 33
50676 Köln

Duration and Admission

13.05. – 14.05.2023
80 €

Opening hours

10 a.m–6 p.m.

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